Updated Fees

Consultation Fees


Short consultation (medical certificate/simple request/script) less than 6 minutes

AMA Fee : $42.50 MBS Rebate : $18.20 Gap Fee : $24.30

Standard consultation of less than 20 minutes

AMA Fee : $86.00 MBS Rebate : $39.75 Gap Fee : $46.25

Long consultation lasting longer than 20 minutes

AMA Fee : $158.00 MBS Rebate : $76.95 Gap Fee : $81.05

Extended consultation lasting longer than 40 minutes

AMA Fee : $240.00 MBS Rebate: $113.30 Gap Fee : $126.70

1)  AMA Fee is the overall cost of your appointment 
2) MBS Rebate is the governments rebate to the patient
3) Gap Fee is the out of pocket fee 

* All fees are payable at the time of consultation 



Iron Infusion 

AMA Fee : $240.00 MBS Rebate: $113.30  Gap Fee : $126.70

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

AMA Fee : $59  MBS Rebate: $19.45         Gap Fee : $39.55

Simple Skin Cancer Surgery

AMA Fee : Variable MBS Rebate: Variable  Gap Fee : $150

Complex Skin Cancer Surgery - includes
Melanoma Flap/graft procedure 

AMA Fee : Variable MBS Rebate: Variable  Gap Fee : $300

Why are there fees?

Yorkeys Medical has been established clinic providing high quality healthcare services for our patients.


The minor increase in government rebates to you, has not kept up with the cost of running a quality general practice service. We are unable to continue providing the excellent service you deserve, at a bulk-billing rate. For this reason we are now forced to charge a gap-fee for the majority of our consultations.


We will be charging the recommended fee, as specified by the Australian Medical Association (AMA), for the majority of our services, from 1st August 2022. This affects all of our patients, both existing and new patients of the practice.

  • We appreciate that some members of the community might be dissuaded from accessing healthcare because of costs.


For this reason we will continue to provide no-gap fees for the following:

  • All children aged 15 years and under

  • Pensioners, with a current pension card, aged 70 or older

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, holding a valid Health Care Card

  • Palliative care patients

The Government does provide reasonable rebates to you for some consultations and in these instances we can provide a no-gap rate for the following:

  • Chronic disease management plans, and review of those plans, every 3 months (eligible only for those patients with eligible chronic diseases, and only after 3 months since the last review)

  • Health assessments (once every 12 months for eligible patients)

Frequently asked questions:

I have been bulk-billed at this practice in the past, can I continue to be bulk-billed?

– Only if you meet the requirements outlined in section 1, above. We are unable to continue providing the current quality of care, at discounted rates.

What if I decide to switch to another practice?

– Yorkeys Medical can provide your medical record to your new practice without a fee.

I’m over 70 but don’t have a pension card, am I eligible for a reduced rate?

- No, the pension card is means-tested and we will follow that decision on assets and income.

I can’t afford your current rates, what do I do?

– You can write to your local member and request the Government review the rebates it pays you. 

-  For urgent medical care, you can attend your local hospital Emergency Department

- For mental health urgent care, contact Lifeline 13 11 14 or Yarnline (ATSI crisis) 13 92 76

I’m only attending for results from my last consultation, do I have to pay a gap again?

- Yes, our current fee structure incorporates the time it takes your doctor to explain your results and to discuss a management plan with you.

Can I ask what I’ll be charged prior to my consultation?

- Of course, our complete fee structure is outlined on our website and available in printed form at reception.